Product Description

VIOGRAPHY™ DTERLY, our Decontaminator series, purifies air by using Plasma Sterilization System.
The decontaminator operates with H2O2 and Plasma Inverter system as the sterilizing agent.
With Plasma Sterilization System, VIOGRAPHY™ DTERLY removes nano-sized particles such as viruses, bacteria, and fungus.
Dterly series has a widerange of cleaning capacity from maximum 250m3/h to maximum 650 m3/h.
VIOGRAPHY™ DTERLY sterlizes with H2O2 and results with more than 99.50% cleaning efficiency.

Feature Summary

  • EU Directive 2006/95/EC-Low Voltage Directive
  • Cleaning Capacity from max. 250 m3/h to max.650 m3/h
  • Cleaning Efficiency of 99.50%
  • Captures all particle sizes, effective down to nano-sized particles
  • Eliminate gases and odors
  • No utilities needed except electricity
  • The Decontaminator operates with H2O2 as the sterilizing agent


  • Hospital
  • Patient Room
  • Isolated Ward
  • Operating Theater
  • Out Patient Clinic


Sterilization is the complete elimination of all living microorganisms, accomplished by any method

Technical Specification

Product VGD-300 VGD-500 VGD-700
Recommended Room Size 40 – 100 m2 80 – 200 m2 10 – 100 m2
Cleaning Capacity Max. 250 m3.h Max. 450 m3/h Max. 650 m3/h
Cleaning Efficiency 99.50% 99.50% 99.50%
Dimensions(WxDxH) 400x400x1340mm 400x400x1340mm 400x400x1340mm
Weight 60 kg 60 kg 60 kg
Electricity 100-240V, 50/60Hz 100-240V, 50/60Hz 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Loudness 70 dB 70 dB 70 dB
power consumption 50 – 150 W 50 – 150 W 50 – 150 W
Medical Equipment Registration Class1 Class1 Class1