This VIOGRAPHY™ STERLY series is designed to cover a large field of applications for hospitals, Central Sterilizer Supply Department(CSSD), Dental Clinics, Plastic Surgery Clinics, Gastro Clinics and Medical Centers.


VIOGRAPHY™ DTERLY, our Decontaminator series, purifies air by using Plasma Sterilization System. The decontaminator operates with H2O2 and Plasma Inverter system as the sterilizing agent.

Biological Indicators

SCBls and MSCBls are ideal for use in monitoring sterilization processes in place of traditional biological indicator. However, there is no need for aseptic transfer of the Bl to culture media. SCBls & MSCBls also offer a shortened incubation period by comparison. (24-48 hours rather than 7 days)


Excelsior offers aluminium dry-block incubators for use in conjunction with the SCBls, MSCBls, and spore ampoules. They offer an ambient to 70℃ temperature with a tolerance of ±0.5℃. The 10-well incubators have removable clear polycarbonate lids and easy-read, programmable digital temperature and time displays.

Chemical Indicator

The strip indicator color demonstrates at a glance whether or not the product has gone through the sterilization process, making it easy for sterilization facilities to ensure that products have been exposed correctly to the sterilization process. Strips transition an initial color to a different signal color depending on the process type.

Tyvek Pouch

Optimal Packaging Results with Tyvek.

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